Frigid Temperature Warning

With frigid temperatures forecasted for the next several days, please remember to take precautionary measures to avoid frozen pipes.  Frozen pipes are suspected when water does not flow from the faucet after being turned on.  If you believe this is happening in your unit, please alert your property manager immediately, as it could quickly escalate to an urgent matter and cause significant damage to your home and the property.

In general, we suggest the temperature in the apartment to be a minimum of 60 degrees as this will help minimize the possibility of your pipes freezing.

As additional precautionary measures, we suggest opening the cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms when the temperatures are below freezing.  Water supply lines are frequently located in the outside walls and opening up all cabinet doors will allow the heat to circulate and warm the pipes. When temperature drops below 10 degrees, allow water faucets to trickle, especially at night when the temperatures drop.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Stay warm and be safe!

The Winnemac Properties Team