You have several options to terminate your lease early – sublease, re-let, and buy-out.

  • Subleasing: In compliance with city guidelines, we must accept a reasonable subtenant offered by you without charging you any additional fees and we must make a good faith effort to find a new tenant at a fair rate. If a subtenant cannot be found through any party, you will be liable for the remaining rent as well as for the cost of advertising until your lease expires.
  • Re-letting: When an acceptable tenant is found, we will negotiate and sign a new lease, releasing you from any further obligation.
  • Lease Buy-Out: In some instances, you can buy out your lease. This usually requires paying three months of rent to break the lease.

If you have to break your lease, call our office to explore the best solution for your situation. Please be courteous and provide us with as much notice as you can so we can market your apartment.