The extra, life-enhancing benefits of loving a plant

Besides instantly boosting a home’s artistic appearance, studies show that being surrounded by such greenery can help clean the surrounding air, create a sense of well-being, and enhance your life.

Benefits of plants

  • Lowers levels of anxiety. Constantly seeing and being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety.
  • Increases attentiveness and memory. Being around plants, whether at home or work, helps improve memory and attention span by 20 percent and can increase concentration.
  • Increases productivity. This study shows that employees were more productive when just a few houseplants were added to their workspace.
  • Reduces stress levels and boosts mood. Caring for plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress as compared with mental work. This may be because caring for plants suppresses sympathetic nervous system activity and promotes comfortable, relaxed, and natural feelings.
  • Sparks creativity. People are 15 percent more creative when surrounded by greenery and natural elements.

Caring for your plants is essentially a reminder to care for yourself

When I struggled mentally and found it hard to take care of myself, my plants suffered because I wasn’t caring for them either. However, when they’re happy and green, it usually means I’m more attentive to myself and taking care of my physical and emotional needs.When I am able to witness the way my plant’s leaves naturally unfurl to receive the sunlight, I get an instant boost of happiness. It reminds me to do what I find fulfilling, instead of solely focusing on my obligations. It’s a reminder to always keep going and keep growing.

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